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My name is Daniel Daley and I’ll like to welcome you to The Basketball Soapbox. NBA views and hot takes from a fans perspective.

Retro Games: 2002 NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game 3 Celtics vs Nets-The Biggest 4th Quarter Comeback in NBA History!

Saturday May 25th, 2002 its Memorial Day weekend. I am 11 years old and, on my weekend agenda was playoff basketball and a holiday off from school. What more can you ask for? Like this is as good as it gets for a kid my age who is a fan of the game and likes days off from school. This is perfect. The Celtics are in the playoffs on the verge of making the NBA Finals. This would be the first…


This Harden trade is as good as it gets for a superstar. Houston moved CP3, Westbrook and Harden Contracts in 2 years. Had no first round picks with no assets now they have 4 1st rounders and 4 pick swaps. Brought in Oladipo on a flyer deal to see what he has. If he’s apart of the future or sign n trade or let him walk.

Houston did a very good job taking their time but also did a good job of escorting Harden to Brooklyn in a timely manner. Wall, Oladipo,Woods,Cousins is solid. Does it win a championship? Most…

When I was younger watching random sports with my family mainly my brother. He was into Basketball overall more than me. There were a couple black coaches I remember on the college level. There was Nolan Richardson at Arkansas. John Chenney at Temple.

But there was always this coach that stood out to me. He was tall, black, and had the towel over the shoulder. You could tell he was a different. I've watched Ewing, Mutumbo, Mourning on the NBA level and they all came from Georgetown. This was the man responsible. And at the time he had some guy…

My name is Daniel Daley and I’ll like to welcome you to The Basketball Soapbox.

I’m a fan with different viewpoints of the game, And I’m going to use this platform (The Basketball Soapbox) to shoot from the hip on these ideas. Whether its current NBA news, critique of players and teams, sneakers in game, to video games.

I’m a fan of the NBA like many of you and I want as much feedback as possible. So whether its emails, the comments below, or comments on my blog I will try to respond to all feedback and do things like…

The Basketball Soapbox

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